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Graves disease symptoms

From: hy-per - 5 years 2 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Graves disease about 5 years ago. Unfortunately I have no insurance so I don't take no kind of treatment for the disease. I have been put in the hospital once because they thought that I may have been having thyroid storm which was a false alarm thank goodness! My question is I have all the symptoms I have the irritability, the sensitivity to heat, high blood pressure, nervousness, out of control heart rate, mood swings but the only one missing is the weight loss instead I seem to be gaining weight (a lot of weight) I have tried healthier eating and exercise but it doesn't seem to help. I have read where others have weight gain and they seem to think it's the meds they are prescribed for the disease but once again I am not on any kind of meds so why am I having this out of control weight gain? I know this can be very dengerous going untreated but again I can't afford the dr visits and meds without any type of insurance.

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Hi Hy-per,

I've not been diagnosed yet by the hospital docter, but they took a second blood sample because they think it's Graves. I I gained weight (80 pounds in 2 years). I'v tried dieting but nothing works. I've been so tired these last 2 years. As I am not diagnosed yet I don't take any medicine but I feel great now. 1 month ago I started a nutritional program called "metabolic balance". I do not have the symptoms anymore. No more pain, tiredness and high heart rate. I eat only 3 times a day. Between meals at least 5 hours. I only eat protein with vegetables. (fish, veal, chicken, turkey), some fruits at the end of the meal. Of course the amount is based on my weight. Since I started this, I have no symptomes without medicine and I'm starting the lose weight.

I am scared of the medicine because I it stops my hyper... it might stimulate evenmore weigh gaining.
I am scheduled for a scan and hope to know more. I'm also very curious about my blood right now.

My advise to you is, lose the lactose and carbs. Try eating like I maybe it will work for you too.

Is this good advice?

I have never been good with diets but i will definitely give it a shot at this point I am willing to try anything that may help thank you so much. I just don't understand how I can be hyperthyroidism with Graves disease and have all the usual symptoms except the weight. I mean I could grasp it a little easier if I just wasn't losing weight neither was I gaining. I just don't know anymore I'm lost confused and tired yet when I get the chance to try to rest my mind and body I can't which adds to the aggravation making the situation worse. I hope this will work for me as it has for you and thanx again and good luck to you on your journey.