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High Free T4

From: Zimzoomom - 4 years 33 weeks ago

My lab results consistently show an increase in my free T4 while TSH & T3 are in normal range. I've had problems for years that indicate thyroid problems and it runs in my family. My doctor seems like he's not concerned but every time I see a medical professional in any other capacity they bring it up and tell me I should have my PCP run additional tests. He seems angry when I tell him this so now I don't even bring it up anymore and he won't refer my to a specialist. I'm tired all the time, have terrible dry skin, thinning hair, bulging eyes, and many other symptoms. My free t3 is 2.3 pg/ml, TSH 1.077 uIU/ml, and free t4 is 4 ng/dl.
Would welcome any input.

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