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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

New here. Please help me interpret my labs.

From: Mamadukes42 - 2 years 45 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with graves about 5 years ago. I remember feeling like I was loosing my mind before I was diagnosed. I had every typical symptom. I also had a nodule that they thought was cancer so they took half my thyroid. My levels "they say" have been normal since then. I have still had bouts of terrible autoimmune symptoms and doctors really thought I had MS, but my MRI's have always been normal. I say all that to say this. My mental state has gotten to the point where I was about 5 years ago, and I can't walk up the stairs without my heart racing like crazy. I went to have my labs run and to my surprise they said they are "within normal range". I am wondering if normal may not be normal for someone with graves? Anyway, I thought I would post them here in hopes someone could give me some insight. I literally feel like I am loosing it. I am a 42 year old woman. I live in NC. Here are the labs and values:
TSH - 0.83 . (0.300-4.500)
Free T3 - 3.7 pg/ml (2.4-4.8)
T4 (free)-0.78 ng/DL (0.60-1.60)

Do you see anything wonky here? I'm so tired of feeling sick. I also had a couple optical migraine s and had blood work done. My monocytes were elevated, but they didn't seem concerned.

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Hello: I hear you. I am in a similar situation. Diagnosed in 2006, thyroid ablated (killed) with RAI in 2009. Been on Synthroid since then, but oftentimes when the labs would run from hypo to "normal" range, yet I would get hyperthyroid symptoms. They even thought I had MS at one point as well, but the scans were "inconclusive." (They never did a spinal tap to be sure.)

Anyway, the latest set of labs TSH and Free T4 (every 3 months) showed "normal" for almost a year now, despite my progressively worsening symptoms, before they finally show ed hyperthyroid last week.

It is difficult to convince the doc that I was in hyperthyroid for the past 9 months - can't walk half a block without heart rate going crazy and sweating profusely; weak muscles despite my pushing myself at the gym; can't sleep, kept waking up starving; tremors..all the symptoms.

If you can get them to do labs every 6 weeks or so, maybe you can at least demonstrate there is a trend in one direction or another.
Best of luck!

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