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Hyperthyroid after total thyroidectomy

From: denmars - 50 weeks 6 days ago

I had my thyroid removed in 2006 because I had nodules which FNA results indicated possible cancer. After the thyroidectomy i was prescribed 137 mcg synthroid (later changed to Levothyroxine). After several years of calibration up and down, I stabilized at 712 mcgs per week. This continued for some time until I suddenly became HYPER thyroid. I have had several reductions in my dosage over the last 8 months (100mcgs/day; 88 mcgs/day; 75 mcgs/day). I have been at 75 mcgs/day for 4 months now and a recent blood test shows that I am now more hyperthyroid than I was at 88 mcgs/day. My TSH is 6.8 (was 6.4 at 88 mcgs/day). How is this possible when I don't have a thyroid? I have been struggling with this and all of the other symptoms (weight gain, hair loss, memory and cognitive problems, etc, etc). I have changed doctors several times. I have recently begun to implore them that we need to find out how my TSH could be going up when the only hormone that is supposed to be present is what I ingest each morning. I also understand that levothyroxine dosage is weight-calibrated. However, as I continue to gain weight, my Levothyroxine dosage is going down. It is also causing my blood sugar A1C to rise. Has anyone experienced this combination of symptoms? I can't seem to get doctors to listen to me.

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I have read before that if a small piece of thyroid was left, it can regrow. Don't know if it's true.