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Age 36 Male Please give me your thoughts on my numbers!!

From: fletchtastic - 5 years 12 weeks ago

Hello Community,

Looking for advice, helpful hints, reassurance, guidance. I am sort of a basket case!

I have been battling symptoms since March 14th (which I thought was the flu: chills, fever, sweat it out..repeat)

I felt good for about a week and then dipped into my current symptoms: fatigue, cloudy, constipated, feet sweats. Been to Dr. Numerous Times and received a call from my doc this morning regarding possible "Graves"
Here are my numbers:
T3 FREE 4.35 pg/mL 2.50‐3.90H triiodothyronine, free, serum 04/26/2016
T4, FREE 1.25 ng/dL 0.61‐1.12 H thyroxine, serum, free 04/26/2016
What triggered these!!!!?????????

thyroid stimulating hormone, serum 2.31 u[iU]/mL 0.34-5.60 04/15/2016

I have a iodine uptake test scheduled for tomorrow. could someone out there shed some light for me. I have normal ranges for TSH but high markers for T3 and T4?????

I pushed for more blood work as my symptoms are so persistent. including Lyme's disease. My mom and grandma both have thyroid disorders! I just want to get back to a quality of life! I am a mess worrying about all of this and not feeling well besides!

Thanks and Please Reply........

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Is this good advice?

Adding information:
Had a Iodine uptake Test today....came back at 8.6 apparently normal?
Also have one tomorrow AM.
so in a nut shell: normal TSH and Iodine uptake
High T3 and T4?

Any ideas fro me???

Is this good advice?

I see this was a long time ago but I have Graves. Usually w Graves you see really low TSH (like 0 or untraceable) and very high T3 (5-20) and somewhat elevated T4. I'd ask for an anti-bodies test to make certain it's not autoimmune.