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Incredibly overwhelming fatigue and weight gain

From: Sybil456 - 3 years 4 days ago

I just found this site and a lot of comments I found were several years old. But so many people sounded just like me! I was a normal healthy person 3 yrs ago - walked many miles a day, had a family, worked 2 days a week, play a musical instrument, etc. Then I got a horrible case of pneumonia, following by two more, and could never recover. Gained 25 pounds. I've been hypothyroid since I was a teenager, but now nothing works. I'm on thyroid meds and even Adderall, but can barely drag myself anywhere and am miserable b/c of the desire to sleep all the time. My life feels so diminished. Has anyone found any answers. Like so many others, my blood tests are normal. I'm desperate for answers. Thank you!

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Unfortunately I hear this everyday. There is alway multiple things happening that cause a thyroid issue to begin with, genetics, toxins, stress, food allergies, and/ or viral, bacterial, yeast issue to name a few. The combinations are specific to every patient. Unlocking your combination is key. Many of the meds only have synthetic T4 and doesn't offer T3, or T2. 90% percent of thyroid patients have an autoimmune component and this must be addressed for success. If the cells can not communicate with the hormones, the body body goes into survivor mode, therefor weight gain is inevitable.

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Hi. I'm exactly the same. I have severe graves disease and an overactive thyroid. I have a lid lag (eyes) weakness in the lower limbs. Excessive sweating. Early January in Newcastle and no heating with the Windows open. Weight gain, at least 2 stone. So unbelievably tired constantly with the inability to sleep. Shaking hands so bad I can barely get the key in the door. Horrific mood swings. Walked out of my relationship with both children a handful of times. I had routine blood tests to inform me and was referred to hospital. I'm taking 7 pills a day. Which will increase I'm a few weeks when thyroxine is added. I had my son 6 months and a recent miscarriage. Didn't realise I was even pregnant. Put all symptoms down to hormone changes. So have had them prior to having my son resulting in 2 miscarriages and preeclampsia with him. Hopefully things start to balance out for us all.

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