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Hi there, I've been suffering from IBS and chronic fatigue for about a year now and finally found out why: leaky gut, hashimoto's and, possibly, celiac. It's a relief to find out I'm not crazy but a bit overwhelming, at the same time. Right now, I'm thirsty for information. I want to learn everything I can.

The first question i have is about insurance. I've been paying out of pocket for consultations with a nutritionist and all my blood work and labs so far but i'm afraid this diagnosis is going to be expensive long term. I've got medicare insurance but they don't tend to cover naturopathic treatments. Does anybody have any experience and advice for me to find a good doctor that will work with me and my nutritionist that would be covered under medicare for continued testing and treatment? I only just got medicare a few months ago so i don't really know how it works, yet.

My next questions are what other tests should I run? I got a stool sample taken to rule out parasites, candida, SIBO, etc. i'm healthy there except for some high levels of inflammation markers in my gut. I'd like to know if I'm deficient in any nutrients of if i have any heavy metal build ups that caused this disease, so looking at micronutrient panel tests. I'd also like to measure my selenium and iodine levels because i've been reading that they have to be balanced for the thyroid to heal and work properly, so i'm researching urine analysis for those. what other testing have you all had done? what labs do you recommend for best prices and best measurement techniques?

any other wisdom you might have to share would be great.

thanks, in advance.

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hi there i'm with you.. maybe we can team up and reverse/manage this... please email me at and we can talk about it.. God Bless

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