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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

Am i losing my mind!

From: woolwichwendy - 2 years 29 weeks ago

I have had Graves for many years! I am now being taken to court by my local council for benefit fraud! Some years ago i applied for help towards rent and council tax, and at the time i worked for a disabled lady, as a carer. I didn't tell the benefits when i got a second job, and now they have just realised that i shouldn't have got any benefit at all, but they are saying that the woman i cared for didn't exist, they can find no trace of her! They said i had made her up just to con the benefits! But i really didn't, or at least i don't think i did. I just wanted to know if it's [possible that i could have imagined her. I know my brain does funny things, i lose so much time, it started with losing minutes, then hours and then days at a time, I have no recollection at all of my sons wedding, but i know i was there because i'm in photos. Surely i couldn't have imagined this woman! The council even have letters from her saying that i work for her and how much i earn! But if i did make her up then who wrote those letters! If it was me, i'm in big trouble because that's fraud!I really don't think i did do it because surely i would have claimed all the benefits i could, and not told them i was working at all! I'm so scared about all this, and i know that i have to avoid stress. I try not to think about it, but it always creeps back into my head. I'm still working at the moment but it's so hard, i feel like i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown or something! I was crocheting the other night, because it helps to relax me, i started just before 9 and thought i'd give it an hour and go to bed, the next time i looked at the clock it was 5 to 2 !!! i don't know what i did for 5 hours!! Please can someone help me, has anyone experienced anything like this?

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