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From: GreenTree - 6 years 11 weeks ago

Hello, I'm a male mid 20s and I think that I'm having thyriod problems. For the past few years, I've been feeling strange. If I don't eat for a while, my skin gets painfully tight especially around my forehead and my blood pressure gets high and my temper short. So I went to discuss this with my doctor and she said it could be diabetes. Tested for diabetes and the tests come back negative ( although a little high in the glucose around 100 or so fasting).
My hair started falling out, but not just falling out, it was painfully brittle, I couldn't even comb it because if I did I would pull on it and rip it out and that was very painful. It was also painful to just get a hair cut or even shave(like sandpaper).My concentration and decision making also suffered I had one blood culture test a while ago indicate that my vitamin D level was in the danger zone, a 10. I was asked to get over the counter vitamins to resolve it. Plus my libido is half what it used to be. When I sweat after I eat, I've been told that I can tend to smell. I've never ever had this problem before and it's been embarrassing me. I had one person ask if I bathed that day(mortified). Any ideas as to what this may be? Is it thyroid issues or something more?

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