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Sometimes patients are simply misdiagnosed,delayed diagnosed

From: Peabody's Cow - 6 years 35 weeks ago

38 yrs ago,I had a baby,while in the military.I think the lack of knowledge by physicians was the greatest facilitator of the mistake. I apparently had been hyperthyroid during the pregnancy(looking back,I had all the symptoms).I was medically retired,but when I saw my childhood doctor,he immediately acknowledged I had HYPOthyroidism.I was put on Synthroid and symptoms began to clear.(My Dr was 95 when he retired,I went to the Veterans Hospital,I was told it was in my head,I was crazy and was just depending on a pill,because I was a fat pig...Sent to psychiatry,for all the drugs I couldn't take,I was considered uncooperative.For all those years,no one would listen.
In 2011- I fxd my hip,was found to be in Thyroid Storm.As the endocrinologist explained,I was dx with hyperthyroidism-GRAVES disease,hyperparathyroidsm,pernicious anemia,anemia,osteoporosis,chronic pain syndrome,migraine: celiac disease,CHF
All the years,the psychiatrist refused to believe something physical was wrong they were quick to label me and drug me with every new drug on the almost killed me......once stereotyped as a psych patient,I had no hope in a legitimate diagnosis.
Had I not fxd my hip,the endocrinologist said almost the same statement my childhood doctor did."The trauma to your body from giving birth,fxing hip was enough to trigger the underlying issues"
Now,I have CHF,rapid pulse,SOB,fatigue.The interesting issue, I only take 8 prescriptions.all the rest are vitamins.calcium+Vitamin D(which is a hormone) must be taken together,Magnesium,B-Complex Vitamins(geritol) B-12 injection twice a week.I have never taken more vitamins in my life YET it's the vitamins that help me feel better.
My most hurtful issues are,my family,friends(of whom most have left me) all suppose I'm crazy and sadly,since I have been properly diagnosed I've not had contact with anyone that I held as friends.
I still get moments of fatigue so bad,I can't function for many days,I have learned,people who truly love unconditionally won't leave when you get sick.if someone says they love you but they can walk away,LET THEM GO,You don't have to justify yourself to anyone.
Do the best where you are with what you have,learn to be grateful for small things.
Had the diagnosis been correct,I would l have continued my studies to become an Orthopedic Surgeon.I can't dwell on what will never be,so today,I'm grateful that I have a chance to be kind to people ,even should they respond negatively.
I can choose to be thankful for today or I can choose to forever be a victim. It took 38 yrs and all the dreams I had were destroyed simply because a doctor and his arrogance chose to label me.
What's funny,none of the psych drugs ever helped always causing reactions. If You believe something is wrong,doctors are only human beings,learn to pray,and YES,YOU MAY THINK YOU'RE LOSING YOUR MIND,PRAY A LITTLE LONGER.THERE'S ALWAYS AN ANSWER.
I'm not happy my dreams were dashed,however,I've learned God's ways are always better.
I know HE'S been the ONLY ONE WHO HASN'T walked away!

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