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hypothyroidism confirmed but still not right

From: scarlet35 - 5 years 27 weeks ago

Hi i was diagnosed with underactive thyroid about 5 years ago since then i have gone from 25mcg thyroxine a day to now 175mcg aday
Trouble is everytime i have a bloodtest i have to have medication increased but my life is existence as i suffer everyday, i have major muscle weakness unsteady on feet like am in a car and it has stopped but i feel like am still going, brain fog, like am in a bubble ,always hot andfeel like am overheating then that follows tremors and sweats,light sensitive,i have all the symptoms of graves disease but with low thyroid function
I have injections in neck as they reckon that i have nerve iritation, but surely nerve irritation cant cause all these problems, everyday i wake up like i have a hangover . I probably get one day a month that i feel ok
All the rest of month every day is a struggle,i have had enough my doctor just sends me for a blood test . For thyroid
My mum and dad are tablet form diabetic and my sister has celiacs, i am 39 and have had no life for 5 years

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