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Confusing Symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism

From: Kayla1990 - 6 years 34 weeks ago

Hi Everyone,

So I am fairly confused at the moment to say the least about my symptoms and the results I have recieved.
I have alot of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism but my test is saying that my thyroid hormones are normal and my TSH levels are low and if my TSH levels are low then I should be showing more symptoms of Hyperthyroidism but I can only connect with one symptom of Hyperthyroidism.
Generally I am tired all the time
Cold hands and feet for as long as I can remember
Intolerance to the cold.
Problems concerntrating
Dry skin around hair line.
Also Im not sure if it has any connection but I swear I get sick every second month. If there is a cold going around, i will catch it. I also get tonsilitus fairly often too. I always feel rundown with something. For me it feels like I havent been well since my first lot of tonsilitus in 2010.
Anyway if anyone else was like this and has any answers for me Id love to know. I am going back for another blood test for my TSH levels in a month.


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It could be secondary Hypothyroidism. In that case the tsh will be low because the pituitary fails to send the signal to the thyroid. That is what I had. I have a unusual pituitary tumor/cyst. You need to ask for a free t4 and free t3. The tsh is not a good indicator.

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Hi. It's been a while. How are you doing now? I have the same problem. The doc. Says I'm hyper, but my symptoms say hipo. Don't know who to beli. The test results or my symtoms.

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Hi Kayla,

Sounds like your thyroid is definitely doing a dance of its own. All the fluctuation is definitely a classic sign of autoimmune activity. I'd love to talk with you about how I can help to eliminate the symptoms AND improve/balance thyroid function. The immune system is likely fighting your thyroid thereby leaving you susceptible to infection, hence the colds all the time. You can reach me at or 302-307-2701. Best wishes.

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Believe your symptoms. The tests are great for identifying metrics and numbers but don't always tell the whole story. Does your practitioner understand how to help you find balance? It isn't always about creating a label (hypo or hyper), however this is what traditional docs are trained to do - that's what they know. If you'd like help eliminating the symptoms, let me know. When the body has balance, you won't be in thyroid storm mode, and will feel like yourself again! You can always reach out to me at or 302-307-2701.