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Iodine Radiation Treatement for Hyperactive Thyroidism

From: tamale - 4 years 15 weeks ago

Has anyone here taken this treatment and what was the outcome? I am gaining weight like no body's business, I have never weighed so much. I want to take the treatment and then go on a strict vegan diet. Mostly fruits, vegetables and water. I can't keep living this way and I don't think the doctors tell you everything particularly the medication that you are on. They keep telling me to exercise, but by the comments, you can't exercise enough to loose the weight.

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I do not know how much you weigh but having you thyroid irradiated can be trying. I got mine done in 1996 (20 years old) I am 38 now and still have issues. At this point I wouldn't do anything too drastic until they get your levels correct. I do not know what medications you are on. I took the iodine radiation treatment right away and for 6 to 9 months after I had to be on beta blockers to protect my heart from the thyroid storm as my dieing thyroid release all of its hormones. Since then I have been on synthroid or the generic version of it. They do not tell you everything about these drugs because I do not think they really know everything about them. For instance never taking it with food. Either take it an hour before or for hours after you eat. The synthroid binds to Calcium, fluoride (yes the stuff in our water), as well as some vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc). It is an on going battle keeping an eye on your body. It takes up to 6 weeks for changes to be noticed with the thyroid meds or changes in you diet. I would say that until everything is stable do light weight training, yoga, and unless the doc says its ok take it easy on the cardio due to the beta blockers they may put you on. They may do things differently than they used to.
I hope I helped.

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I had a thyroid scan and a I 131 treatment at the same time...6 months later I had a cyst biopsy and aspiration of the cyst the thyroid was homogeneous at that time...3 months later I have 12 subcentimeters nodules....All labs are in range along with the Antibodies...I was sent to a surgeon and he advise to watch with ultrasound ...I do not know why nodules started appearing After the scan

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My doctor wants me to have the I 131 treatment due to a nodule. You are saying you discovered nodules after the treatment?
Also, do you know if the I 131 treatment will eventually destroy the thyroid? I read that on this website and am now leery of the treatment.

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