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Posted in: Graves’ Disease.

New diagnose

From: Grace22 - 5 years 25 weeks ago

Hi I found out I had graves this past year when I was pregnant with my second child. I hadn't had a period for a yr but thought it was bc I breasted my first born child. I have mild swelling but thought it was from lack of sleep. I have always been very hyper and active. It's so hard for me to get tired and to just relax. My levels were extremely high and I have had a fast heart beat. I am only 24 and I am so scared. I just want to be my normal happy self. I live in constant anxiety, the best way for me to describe it is that I wake up with knots in my stomach and go to bed with knots in my stomach. I have chosen to not see a endocrinologist yet and try natural vitamins and lifestyle change. It is working bc I have finally had a strong menstrual cycle which is great bc I barely had one even after giving birth. I am just looking for tips and support.

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I just need tips on dealing with the anxiety, mood swings, and helping others understand what I am going through. What is a good diet? Do I need to see a endocrinologist bc my doctor said she needed/wanted to refer me but I'm just so scared. I have mil swelling in my eyes but I'm grateful it's not worse. I am normally jolly and try to make others laugh. My husband is so supportive of me but I can be so moody to everyone and I just feel horrible. The anxiety is so bad that I could just hide but I have to get up and go bc it's what I have to do. I try so hard to be positive and do everything I normally do. I have tremors in my hands and it can be so annoying. I just need advice bc I just want to be normal :(

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