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Does Carbimazole slow down Graves disease? I'm so confused

From: NK_2013 - 8 years 21 weeks ago

Hello guys!

So I've kind of been left clueless by my endocrinologist... If I take 40mg of Carbimazole a day (which my doctor has subscribed to send me hypo), and I go Hypothyroid will this stop the Graves disease or slow it down? My doctor is making me underactive for the next 4 months, when you are underactive does that mean that the Graves disease stops? I had mild thyroid eye disease and refuse to have RAI, also my doctor has told me that it's not an option for people with thyroid eye disease. My doctor is planning to put me on joint, Carbimazole and Levothyroxine to level out my thyroid levels, will the Levothyroxine make my Graves disease worse?

Also, how do you keep your weight down whilst on Carbimazole? (:

Thank you for your answers!

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Is this good advice?

How are you now? I have the same problem with graves and my eyes are being affected. My Endo wanted to do rai and I refused because I read an the eyes and rai. On methimazole and I hate it. No relief from anything.
Any solutions for you?