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Hyperthroidism and Pregnancy

From: Alena - 5 years 34 weeks ago

I was diagnosed with Hyperthroidism last November of 2012. I have 3 kids and the last one was born on March 2012. Months later, I was having some weird symptoms and I found out I have Hyperthroidism. Took Methimazole for a short period of time because I could not handle the medicine so I decided to just have a surgery to have my thyroid removed next month May 2013.

I just found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Went to see my Endo and he told me that I have 2 choices to control my Hyperthyroidism. One is to take PTU for the first trimester and then Methimazole on second trimester. There is a risk for my liver and the the baby especially with the PTU. Second is surgery on second trimester but I also have to take medication to control my Hyperthyroidism before the surgery. There is also a risk with the anesthesia for both me and the baby.

So now, I don't know what to do. I am even considering not doing any of those until I have the baby then go from there. I am thinking that maybe proper diet and eating certain foods might help the baby.

Please, any thought, advice and experience will help.

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You should do what your doctor says, whatever that may be: I also was hyper during my pregnancy TSH was.01 but my t3 and t4 were normal so we kept a close watch on the baby's heart beat and as long as it doesn't go above 160bpm and stays that high (this does not include when the baby is moving that bpm is normal!). My levels went back to normal on their own before I had her. Onr important thing to remember....stress is very unhealthy for your baby, so I honestly recommend letting you doctor make the best decision for you. :)

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