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Hey guys,

I'm 19 and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and Graves disease in 2011 however refused to take my medication. My blood test back in August 2012 showed my levels were through the roof with my TSH being 0.01 and my other levels in the hundreds. I've been on my medication 6 weeks and found out today that I had put a stone on in weight (IN JUST 6 WEEKS). Will this eventually stop?! Meaning the weight gain... I've been eating brown pasta, brown bread, brown rice and cut out Iodine (like my Endo asked) ...healthy stuff but I'm still, constantly hungry. I'm on 20mg of Carbimazole 2 times a day. I had my blood tests done a few days ago and found out my TSH was 0.01 with my levels now around 20.

I asked my Endo if I would now be lowering my dosage, he replied "no, continue with the dosage". I replied, "are you trying to make me go Hypothyroid?". He replied, "Yes, then after 4 months I'll put you on Levothyroxine"... Is this normal? I was bullied to the point as to where I was suicidal for being overweight. I told my mum I had gained weight and she's told everyone. Now my sister is bullying me about being fat, I just want to stop the medication, because I dread to think how much more bigger I'm going to get. I can't exercise because my heart is at 100 (It used to be 160). I am on Propranolol however this doesn't help. My Endo said, as soon as I go Hypothyroid, it'll slow down.

Will this actually help me in the long run? My whole family is severely obese, my mum so much so she's been told she might die from her size. I can't get that big, I don't want to get that big!! I love exercising and going to the gym, but I can't because my hearts so fast.

How do I stop gaining weight? I haven't stopped crying since I found out I had gained weight. What do I eat? Will my thyroid treatment actually work and have you ever been through this way of treatment? How do I lose weight. I honestly dread the next 4 months, because, I'll probably be 4 stone heavier. My sister says, "I knew that once you'd be off that Thyroid medication you'd be fat".. She's 20 stone herself at 18 from just eating so badly (fried, oven, frozen fatty foods, all the time) If I had a normal thyroid I'd be running marathons and going to the gym most nights because I love exercise. It's all just breaking my heart. I feel like nobody's ever going to want me like this. Will I be big forever?

Thank you for your replies

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