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Confused about T3 levels and meds dispensed

From: lgalindo4 - 6 years 24 weeks ago

Have been having classic hypo symptoms for years...just didn' t know it. Have been to numerous specialists and my family dr had run thyroid tests before with nothing showing up. I went to an endo finally last week and had more tests run. My TSH was 1.81 (range .40-4.50 mIU/L) ; T4 was 8.0 (range 4.5-12 mcg/dL) ; and my T3 was 73 (range 76-181ng/dL) So my T3 was the only reading out of range. I did have an ultrasound done and they found "multiple bilateral thyroid gland cysts throughout and a solid pole nodule on right lobe". Also report said "thyroid gland appears diffusely hypoechoic suggesting thyroiditis or possibly goiter". My new endo put me on Synthroid 50 mcg once daily. Isnt that for T4? If I have low T3, shouldn' t that be what I' m replacing? Seriously confused about all this in spite of reading books and looking on the web. Any suggestions? BTW...the right side of my neck is swollen out and painful, has anyone experienced this? My family dr and endo dont seem too concerned about it. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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