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New-Enlarged MultiNodular goiter...UGH

From: tonisp - 8 years 48 weeks ago

I am new to this site and health problem. I recenlty saw my PCR about 2 months ago (new doctor for me), she noticed my neck right away and asked if I had ever had thyroid problems, my response was no, except for about 15 years ago my PCP back then had said something about my thyroid and put me on a med for one month. In that mnth. I lost quite a bit of weight. I've struggled most of my life (51 now) with weight being too high or too low. I've been to have an Ultrasound and went back to my PCP complaining of swollowing problems, coughing allot, lack of sleep, a headache and over all lack of energy. I was very depressed but was put back on meds for that and that has seemed to improve. She told me that the test results showed a enlarged multinodular goiter and is sending me to have biopsy's. I have 2 noduless on one lobe and 3 on another. My concern is that I'm over 50, gaining weight no matter how well I eat, sweating like a horse after a run in the Kentucky Derby and have had this horrific cough which wakes me up all night long. It feels like I have a fly in my throat and I am constantly trying to clear it. I have also had a slight ear ache for about a month along with the headache and don't know if there is a connection. I cannot get in to see the Endo doc for another month but my symptoms seem to be worsening daily. I am a very confident person but it's kind of scary when I can't breathe normally. I have also gone through 3 kidney surgeries and wonder which, if either might be causing the others issue's. Anyone out there had these symptoms? I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid but am gaining weight. A few months ago, I had lost 25 lbs. in under a month. I've now put it back on PLUS!! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :-)

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I also have multinodular goiters on my thyroid gland.
I was told I may graves disease. Some the symptoms of graves disease are heat sensitvity, abnormal breathing, heart palpitations,depression, anxiety or panic attacks,
insomnia.Today I had a fine needle preformed because the
radioactive iodine screen I had done didn't show up right under a thyroid soft tissue scan. Something like no hot spots? Didn't show up on the scan because two of my nodules I can only assume are what they are calling "inactive nodules"
The fine needle biopsy was preformed on them today and it
isn't to bad having one done, but it isn't the best in the
world either. Please remember that multinodular goiters
although unpleasent and sometimes uncomfortable
are treatable.Either by aspiration or surgical removal or
some meds can shrink them.
I preferr the fine needle or syringe aspiration. I will not have
them removed unless everything else has failed.When you
have them removed they take good tissue from your thyroid
along with the nodules. this can harm your thyroid
more then helping it.