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Confused and in need of advice ... Please help me !

From: Cathy474 - 7 years 14 weeks ago

Im a 26yo female. About 6 months ago I noticed a lump on my neck about the size of a golf ball. I do not have medical insurance and Im not one to run to the doctor over every last thing. In Sep this year I stumbled upon a website describing thyroid disorders and everything became clear, or so I thought. The symptoms all matched ( extreme fatigue, depression, brain fog, memory and concentration problems, angry and irritable for no reason, hair loss, dizzy, light headed, always cold, constipated, eye problems, irregular periods,been trying to conceive with no luck ... and the list goes on.) I should also add that all of these symptoms are relatively new. I mentioned to my mom I thought this may be an issue and she told me of all the relatives who also suffered from thyroid disease ( grandparents on both sides, aunt, uncle, and most recently my brother). Some of whom had/have hasimotos and are on synthyroid and some who have had surgery or RAI. In October I decided it was time to get myself checked out. I headed to a nearby clinic and was told it definitely looks like a problem with the thyroid. They only checked my FT4 and TSH (TSH 3.7 on a .5-5.0 scale). I was told both numbers were "normal" but referred to a see an endocrinologist. I had my horrid appointment in December. The endocrinologist I saw wanted nothing to do with my symptoms. She didnt listen to a single one. She said if my TSH is "normal" I am fine. Upon informing her I had a lump in my neck she became more interested. Within minutes she had me in another room preforming an ultrasound. She said my thyroid is definitely enlarged on the right side ( 3.5 cm). And that she would have to do a Fine needle aspiration because maybe it was cancer. Thank God the results came back negative and benign. But frustratingly, the doctor told me my symptoms are completely unrelated to my thyroid and not to do anything. So here I sit feeling hopeless and confused. I was so happy to have discovered everything that was going wrong may be caused by one thing. I guess my question for all of you is : 1. Is what my endocrinologist said true? Is it unrelated ?? 2. I want a second opinion. How do I go about finding a good doctor who will listen? 3. What do you think of my TSH? Ive heard the numbers considered normal have changed? 4. What other tests should I ask for ??

Thank you all for reading !! I greatly appreciate your input !

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Your symptoms could definately be thyroid related. Your TSH doesn't look to bad, but from what i have researched/experienced/heard from fellow patients is that most people feel better with a TSH around 1.0. All labs use different ranges, but the general guidelines these days are .3-3.0. Did the endo find a nodule/s on the thyroid? or did she just do the FNA for giggles? Sounds like you could use a new endo to talk to. i guess the easiest way to find a new endo is to look around and ask questions. it would be advisable to ask if the endo works with patients who have thyroid disease. some endos specialize in diabetes etc. for their own reasons.
The Free T4 is a good test, but also a Free T3 test. these are the hormones that have the most affect on your body and how you feel.
With you slightly elevated TSH, i would say that you are currently hypothyroid and could use a small dose of thyroid hormones to try and balance, but i am no doctor, only a patient like you. but this could be for many reasons and you should try to find a doctor that will listen and be concerned about your symptoms and that will work with you to get you better. good luck and i hope you find a doc that can help you.
also try to manage your stress levels, stress does not do a body good. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation can all help control some of the ups and downs related to this.

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