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Unusual ultrasound results, help.

From: JoanneH - 9 years 1 week ago

I have just received my results and can't get into the specialist for a month. I can't find any literature that matches my results. I was hoping someone else has seen something like this before.

Both lobes are enlarged right- 6.2x2.1x2.3. Left 5.4x 2x 1.9 cm.

There are 4 well circumscribed cysts within the right love, the largest upper central aspect of the lobe measures one point 5 cm in greatest diameter. These cysts all have echogenic material presumably calcium posteriorly. In calcium appears to be layered out within the fluid, however it did not move significantly with change in position.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions as to the calcification posterior in the cysts?!?

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2 Responses

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I recently got my ultrasound also my PCP told me I have a goiter bec. my thyroid is enlarged a also have a couple of cysts but she didn't seem worried about it I have my appt. with the specialist in March, well see what happens I will keep u posted.


Is this good advice?

That's pretty a lot, I hope you could overcome that and find the best solution in order to make your cysts gone, it's really rare and the doctors will truly help you with that matter.