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Swollen Thyroid

From: bocephus513 - 9 years 22 weeks ago


I have had a swollen thyroid (goiter) for about 8 months. I had an ultrasound performed and it was determined that there are 5 nodules in my neck. I then went to an ENT and he decided to have a biopsy and blood test done. Results from the biopsy and blood test thankfully came back normal so I was told to come back in a year for another ultrasound to make sure the nodules haven't increased in size. My neck is still swollen and my husband and I recently found out we are pregnant. Should I go back to my ENT to make sure everything is okay? Is it normal for my neck to still be swollen? Will any of these problems effect my pregnancy?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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My suggestion would be to go see an Endocrinologist Dr. God Bless