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Thyroid Nodules

From: Dolphiam - 1 year 44 weeks ago

Hi everyone I am new here and I have my year follow up with my ENT doctor this coming Monday. I have 4 modules covering my thyroid 2 on the left one on the right and one on the isthmus. They are slowly growing according to all the ultra sounds and CT scans I have had and I had a biopsy done in December of 2017 that came back neither benign nor malignant due to not enough specimen. They have labeled my Nodules as Hypoecohic. Now I am experiencing tightness and soreness and it’s hard to swallow. I am hoping on Monday he decides it’s time to remove my whole thyroid. The only thing they keep telling me is that my TSH my T4 and T3 are all normal and I don’t understand that but my nodules are still growing. Now you can feel them where as before you couldn’t. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Generally, when there are symptoms (like your tightness), what I have read is, you remove the lobe or thyroid. I just had my right lobe removed, as it had two nodules, and in December started feeling like I was being mildly choked. (I kept reaching up to pull my shirt away from my neck, only to realize it wasn’t touching it. Made me feel silly.)

Anyway, good luck with your appointment.