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RAI vs Surgery

From: justamfitz - 2 years 51 weeks ago

Hi, I’ve recenty been diagnosed with Multi Nodule Toxic Thyroid Hyperthyroidism something like that. I feel pretty bad with so much fatigue and anxiety. I’ve been given the choice of RAI or surgery. Anyone with experience with the RAI that can tell me how long did it take to feel better and for the symptoms to improve? What are anyones’ thoughts on RAI vs surgery? I’m finding a hard to me deciding which to do.

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i am a 60 year old male and after a year of trying to regulate my hyperthyroidism with meds I went for the radio active treatment vs. surgery- It took me about two weeks to not feel horrible and 4 weeks to get my strength back but i am still battling with getting my thyroid balanced and to reduce the anxiety which is exhausting. make sure your Dr is involved in the amt of RAI so you only have to do this once- I have heard other people who get a low dose and have to go back a year later.
The worst part now is the anxiety. post if I can give you more info