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Feeling very tired every other day.

From: john gplex1 - 3 years 10 weeks ago

My wife has had her goiter removed 40 years ago. It has grown back and is noticeable but not interfering with her throat. Very resent blood test shows all T3 ,T4 test are normal and within range. A full blood panel was taken and again all normal. She is not sick to her stomach and is petit and will vary weight by no more then +/- 1 lb.
She feels exhausted most of the time. The strange thing is that it isn"t every day its more like every other day or every third day. On the other days she feels really great. Does anyone have these same symptoms.

Thanks for listening .....

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Hi John Gplex1,

The adrenal glands are intimately connected with thyroid function and have much to do with the energy levels. When the thyroid is not functioning optimally, it indicates neither are the adrenal glands. Although her tests show normal (I say normal loosely), based off of her symptoms, and the fact that she has some goiter that has come back, it is likely that her immune system could be fighting the thyroid. This happens more often than you may think, and can happen with a standard American diet, stress and toxins. If you would like me to do health consulting with her, let me know. I am a holistic and functional medicine practitioner, so I work much differently than traditional docs.There are some very simple things your wife can do to remove some of the burden off her adrenals and thyroid. This is essential to balance the immune system and restore proper function. You can reach me at or 302-307-2701. Best of luck!