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Hi! First post from me - I'll be honest I'm terrified. I went to the GP a month ago as I had slept awkwardly and cricked my neck and the pain wasn't getting better. She agreed it was muscular and gave me some strong anti-inflammatories. As I was sitting opposite her, she asked me - totally unrelated to my neck pain - whether I had noticed my neck was larger than usual. She said I had a slim face and my neck looked too large. So she said she was referring me 'on a whim' to get my thyroid scanned by ultrasound.

I went on Monday and received a call from my GP on Tuesday telling me there were several nodules and she wanted me to see an endocrinologist. I am fortunate to have private medical cover through my husband's work so I have an appointment tonight. I went to the GP this morning just to collect a letter from reception and, reading my results I am absolutely panicking. It's so silly because I don't really understand the results and Dr Google is throwing all sorts of things at me.
This is what the scan says
US Thyroid: The thyroid gland echo pattern is heterogeneous and contains several nodules
The right lobe of the gland measured: 15.7 x 15.3 x 45.5mm. It contains a large nodule which extends from the lower pole of the isthmus to the lower pole of the thyroid gland measuring 23.3 x There was a halo around the nodule. There was increased blood flow periphery of the large nodule.
The left lobe measured: 18.4 x 14.7 x 38.4mm. It contains several nodules, the largest is in the lower pole measures 13.7 x 8.7 x 9.3mm There is no thin halo present. There was certain some increased blood flow peripherally. It also contains a further nodule mid pole measuring 13.6 x 7.8mm, it also contains an ? in the cystic area measures 7.0mm. There is some increased blood flow present. The isthmus appears nodular, with a nodule measuring 4.9mm on the left side.
Conclusion: Nodular thyroid gland (U2) - Clinical referral may be indicated.

So the U2 sounds good - I've looked that up and it says benign but the other information sounds worrisome (to me who doesn't really understand it much) - any help to understand would be amazing.

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I had my first thyroid ultrasound over three years ago, and i was only 17. It is an extremely different and scary situation, but i can assure you you have nothing to worry about. My doctor informs me often that nodules are actually extremely common in people. They only get concerned if they grow or look abnormal, but they are also easy to remove. I had my thyroid removed almost 3 years ago along with some nodules, and although i was scared before, it truly has made me better. You have a right to be concerned about your own body since this is new and unfamiliar, but you should not be too worried or let it bring you down. If they have to remove something, then that is okay! It is extremely common especially in women. I am almost 21 now and I still have problems with my levels being off even without a thyroid, but this is just a bump in the road for you and it is not too hard to fix or treat :) Hope this helped!