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Thyroid anxiety and OCD

From: Van123 - 1 year 43 weeks ago

I have Graves' disease and a total thyroidectomy in November. My anxiety got extremely bad in July and I increased my anti depressant but it is not helping. I'm just wondering if anyone else with a thyroid problem and the operation can tell me if this will get any better or will I just have to live like I'm going crazy forever.

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I probably can't help much but I went for 10 years of horrible anxiety. It was one of the main reasons I had to stop working. I just found out that i have hyperthyroidism and realized it may be the reason for a lot of the anxiety. Although I had plenty of stress to cause anxiety, I hope I have found the reason for most of it. I have the same question as you. Maybe if enough of people like us, post the same question, someone will answer us or tell us where we can find the answer.

God Bless You,

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i have the same issue with anixity what will help me i have tryed everything nothing works i as well have thyroid isses

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I did not have that operation, I had a Radioactive Iodine test done to destroy my thyroid. I had pretty bad anxiety before the procedure and bad mood swings. I basically just lost my wife I had been with for almost 8 years( married for 3). I also have Crohns disease and I smoke Marijuana for it but it also helps with the anxiety and stress. I am really not a fan of pills so i havent tried Anti depressants because of there side effects. I dont know if I should even suggest that on here but it is medicine weather the government wants to believe or not. Hopefully you live in a state with some sort of program you could look into. Hyperthyroidism is nothing to play with. If you cant get it under control it can real mess stuff up in your life.

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