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Anxiety & Feeling Crazy After Thyroidectomy

From: pk96 - 26 weeks 3 days ago

I have had a total thyroidectomy a few months ago (in mid-May 2016) due to multi-nodule goiter, . Since then my hormones have been all over the place for the last few months. I’ve been on 112mcg levothyroxine for a while, turned out that my TSH was at 20 and they needed to up the dosage. Since upping the dosage I have been feeling terrible physically and mentally. I have been experiencing terrible mood swings, almost constant anxiety, and depression. I feel like a different person. I feel really distant from the relationships with the people close to me. I keep searching for the answer to my anxiety, thinking that there must be a problem and I’ve been getting obsessive thoughts about whether there is something wrong with the relationship with my boyfriend, whether I’m on the right career path, whether I’m doing what i’m supposed to be doing in life, etc. However I am completely unable to find the problem. I keep torturing myself and telling myself that maybe there is something wrong with my relationship, but my relationship has been completely fine before all of these mood swings started happening, and nothing really happened since then that would cause me to have all of this anxiety. Rationally I know that the anxiety and depression are not linked to real life events but perhaps my hormone imbalance, but it is so difficult to go your whole life trusting your “gut feelings” to now feeling absolutely awful 80% of the day and keep reminding yourself that this is my body, not my mind. I have been having problems with my stomach, pain, nausea, diarrhea. Trouble remembering things. My mind is just really “foggy.” I cannot concentrate during lectures, or on anything at all. I feel tired at least half of the day, and I’m getting headaches almost every single day.

I have seen an endocrinologist who told me that all of my symptoms sound related to my thyroid problem and that I’m a “long way away from a psychiatrist’s office” as I've told him that I felt like I was going crazy. He switched me from generic levothyroxine to Tirosint, the gel caps. He told me that my GI problems should go away within a week, but the other symptoms can take up to 2 months. The pain, nausea and diarrhea have in actuality gone away. Now I’m having a problem with bad breath and constant heartburn & acidity. I still feel really tired most of the day and get headaches all the time. My anxiety has been a little bit better, but it’s still been a battle every single day. With the help of my therapist I have been able to feel a little more stable and have been able to think a little bit more clearly, but it definitely put a large strain on my relationship. I care about my boyfriend very deeply, but it's hard for him too, to see me go through all these mood swings and emotional instability. I just feel like a different person in the midst of my anxiety attacks. I keep trying to find the reason for why I’m feeling so terrible and I keep torturing myself and trying to pinpoint that the problem is maybe my relationship which has been completely rock solid up until now. I just feel like I’m losing touch with reality…
The physical symptoms are tiring and frustrating, but it’s the anxiety and depression that are really the hardest to handle. I have had troubles with anxiety and depression in the past, but this is just taken to a whole new level, it feels like the bottom fell out… I’m just so tired of this. I will sometimes feel a little bit normal, for maybe 30 mins a day, and then all of the anxiety just comes back and I keep obsessing that there must be some kind of problem with my life, but I can’t seem to find it because there really isn’t any… I just want to go back to feeling okay again, and living a normal life...

Has anybody experienced anything like this? Do you have any advice? Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!

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2 Responses

Is this good advice?

HELLO I'm new to the site and so far haven't been able to post my "story" , however I read yours and wanted to know if any of your post op symptoms were happening before surgery? Reason I ask is that every symptom your describing is how I've been feeling for 4-5 yrs and was hoping that some would be alleviated after surgery. The thought of them being worse scared me. I know this isn't much help to you now but if we keep conversation going it could be, either way ty for your experience post.

Is this good advice?

Hi, just wondering if things got any better for you over time. I'm 8 weeks post op and I feel like you do, like I'm going crazy. I had anxiety before my thyroidectomy but I thought it would get bettter and it hasn't.