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Hashimoto and problems eating

From: Hashimoto1 - 2 years 27 weeks ago

Hello I have hashimoto a for a few months now I have a goiter on the bottom right side of my neck. And my nodules are very swollen and sore purity much around my whole neck I am waiting to go see a ent in a few weeks I have had ultra sounds and blood work done I am on meds for being under and my levels are fine but it hurts so much to eat I feel the food will get stuck it's the feeling that there is always something stuck does anyone fell this ? Pulse the swelling gets so bad not tyonal even helps I put ice and heat on it and only have broth non dairy ice cream and that's it I have lost 15 pounds in a month I have to been to the hospital so many time but they keep says I have to wait to see my ent!!
And advice please I am so scared !!!!

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