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lump and pain in neck

From: sootired - 5 years 9 weeks ago

Been running a fever for all but 18 days since 4/2015. Ran one for a few months in 2014. PCP did reg testing, and 'all is normal". Went to an IDS, Sleep Study, Neurophychologist, and Neurologist. The Neurologist did a Thyroid antibody test and my #s were 3x the highest acceptable rate according to the lab report. My PCP, of 24 yrs, got defensive and reran the test plus TPO. Antigobs were higher and TPO was 2X the highest number acceptable on test. All other numbers okay. So instead of giving me the promised referral ( I tried to self refer, the endo, a FELLOW in thyroid does not accept sefl referrals), my PCP called a 'friend who is an endo in the same practice as the Fellow, who has never before seen me in my life, and discussed MY CASE! He advised doing nothing for 18 to 24 months! My doc said she would test me in 12! I have almost every sypmtom of Hashimotos and my life has been ruined for the past 2 years. I have been advised by nearly every specialist I saw along the way to get a new PCP! I can't find one. Also my doc was Physician of the Year in 2014 and kind of a small town celeb for starting a giant clinic that treats all, reguardless of income. For me, an uncomfortable postition after 22 or 24 yrs sucess working together in a close relationship. I have not seen her for 8 months because..a) she didn't seem interested, b) I was having to cancel too many appts last minute (NEVER EVER was even late for an appt in 24 yrs!) due to relentless fatitgue, and 3) was trying to find a new physicician. We are extremely rural and the clinic, which has been named in the top 10 in the US now dominates or rural state! Again, she promised me a referral to my chosen endo and also a social worker (3x) to help me as I was becoming more and more unable to take care of the basics in my life. Hard to get groceries, etc when you live in the woods, can't see another house, no neighbors, live alone, no public trans and nearest grocery store is 20 miles RT, plus shopping and lugging all the groceries up into my home. So, last night, I was feeling anxious! Thats unusual as I'm so tired all the time that I usually chill. This anxiety has been with me for about 10 days and coincides with a back injury that has left me home bound. I didn't sleep all night last night...unusual because I've been sleeping up to 20 hours a day for over a year! So, I reached up and touched my throat around the thyroid..btw, my doc knows that hashis runs in my family and my mom had thyroid surgery, my gram had it and 2 aunts! Sorry, back to topic. I reached up to feel my throat and felt my thryroid enlarged. and I could grasp it and move it. When I moved it, on the right side it rubbed against something that felt like chords (tendons? vocal chords?) and a pain shot thru that area. Then I really felt anxous. It seems to me that going to the same place and the same doc is pointless, but I haven't been able to find another. Insurance is not a problem. I'm wondering if thryroids can be moved around if not swollen or with noduales (mom had some and had half her thyroid removed), and if I should go to a walk in clinic not associated with the clinic...again, the clinic is a monopoly in our area. Even with medication and several cups of chamomile tea I have had no sleep so unless I took an ambulance, I have no way to get anywhere safely until I sleep. One of my ideas was to go down the coast a bit..2x as far away as my PCP is, but to the walk in or ED that a) the neuro who discovered the higher thyroid antibodies worked (she left after our first 2 visits) and b) was the hospital that opperated on my mom, to maybe get some new connections and get something done....sorry so long but hope you'll give me your thoughts, experience and hope. Ty for reading.

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