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Thyroid Nodules and Breast Pain

From: stacyc21 - 9 years 48 weeks ago

I hope someone here is able to shed some light on this issue. I have been to several Drs. over the past 3-4 years for pain in both breasts. However, the left axillary area is the most painful. I have been to physical therapy to treat the condition with deep-heat ultrasound waves twice with no noticeable progress. The left breast has "puffy" swelling in the axillary (lymph) area and it is very tender when touched. I have not felt any lumps and have had 2-3 clear ultrasounds. The pain is worse before my menstrual cycle, but it is continuous throughout the month. When I am in the shower, occasionally, there is slight redness and mild itching that goes away after a few minutes of being at room temp again. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with several thyroid nodules, but all of my thyroid function tests have been within normal ranges. I have had the nodule for about the same length of time as the breast pain. None of the Drs. that I have seen believe that there is a correlation between my breast pain and my thyroid, but they have not performed any tests or given me any medications to treat either condition. I had a biopsy on the largest (~1.91cm) nodule a few weeks ago, but the tests were inconclusive due to the incompetents of the Dr. who now wants to try again 2-3 more times. So obviously, I'm looking for someone else. If you are in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Verify that your doctor ran a full thyroid panel. Most doctors only run the basic test. It took about 1 year for my dignosis of hypo thyroid, due to the symtoms being breast pain and a little discharge. Once I was on medication for a couple of weeks all symptoms went away. Also my 15 year old daughter today was diagnosied with it as well. her symptoms were also issues with herbreast. she does also have goiters which i do not.

Is this good advice?

Thanks for the info. I had a biopsy a few days ago and hopefully will find out the results next week. I still don't have any new info about the breast pain. My endo only suggested I try to get a CT scan from my regular Dr.