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From: jam - 10 years 43 weeks ago

i was diagnosed having a hypothyroidism too 3 months ago. Im 21 yrs. old. my neck is a Lil bit large since i was a kid. i thought that was normal. At first my main problem was my pimples. It's getting all over my face. And its unusual.I went to dermatologist but the pimples are still growing all over my face. Then I thought maybe because i am not menstruating... For me it was normal because i am irregular ever since. having mens thrice a year. but now i'm not menstruating for 10 months. I went to the gynecologist and as she was having physical exam. She said that maybe i should go to another Dr. She refer me to an Internal Med. The doctor ask me to have an thyroid ultrasound and blood extraction for t3,t4 and TSH. My ultrasound result was thyroid enlarged. No nodules. my t3 and T4 was low and TSH was high. The Doctor prescribed Levothy once a day, every morning. As he was taking my health history. I realized that i am having difficulty sleeping at night. always sleepy the whole day. i get tired easily. i'm having mood swings too. i get angry easily. Ilook old now. Everythings changed. I am now having a routine blood examnination every month. watching my T3, T4 and TSH. theres an improvement on my hormones. The doctor told me that i should not depend on my medication. I should eat seeweeds too and other seafoods. my neck was still enlarged. I wonder till when will i take those meds? is it life time? And my neck will it come back to it's old size? I'm constantly gaining weight :( i gain 10 lbs pounds since august up to now. will i get back to shape? I am fresh college graduate. Will it be hinder in my applicaton for a job? Will i not pass a medical exam because of this?

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Hi jam
I'm not sure from your post whether you have seen an endocrinologist or not, but maybe it is time you did. That will be the person most qualified to answer your questions. If your Thyroid was under active and your TSH high and your thyroid itself enlarged, then it may be caused by an autoimmune problem. You should have it monitored and (though I could be very wrong) in most cases you will probably need to at least monitor it if not take medication for the rest or your life. However, this is not such an awful thing. I have friends who have taken thyroid medication for years and just don't even think about it anymore unless they are pregnant or some such. I've never heard of it interfering with anyone's career.

Good Luck!