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Radioactive Iodine

From: newdawn - 5 years 21 weeks ago

(I didnt find a topic with this as a title so I started one)

Hello all! Wonderful community area here!
I am getting Ri treatment soon, and asking for assistance to make it go smoothly..
Im hyper, have been on methimazole for a coulle years and it worked great. Now it just stopped working and Im thyroid storm, its very uncomfortable! And the doctor process and referrals is taking a long time.. :(

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

what did you do for the salivary gland issue?
How to heal from the treatment quickly?
How to get it all out!?
How long does it take after taking the pill?
When should I probably get blood test and get new hypo medicine?

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Is this good advice?

I realize that you posted this more than two months ago, but my situation sounds similar, and I'm wondering how things have gone for you since the post. This is the third time my thyroid flared up--the first two times I went on tapezol and felt back to normal after a couple weeks. But hyperthyroid keeps coming back, so I had radioactive iodine therapy a month ago. Did you do the same? Do you feel better? I actually feel way worse so far, so I'm taking propranolol and tapezol to calm things down until RAI starts working. The lingering symptoms are bad, but the depression setting in might be worse. Help!

Is this good advice?

Hi, newdawn. I wrote earlier to say that your comments piqued my interest because I'm having the same issues. Twice I've pushed back my overactive thyroid with methimazole--and had great results--but it didn't hold, so my doctor set me up for RAI. That procedure happened 4.5 weeks ago, and I still feel terrible--worse, actually. I'm on propranolol and more methimazole to help me get by while we wait for the RAI to kick in, but I'm starting to lose faith.

Did you end up doing RAI? Are you happy with the results? How long until you were feeling better?