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Feeling confused!

From: kimmiepack - 2 years 46 weeks ago

Hi I came across this discussion group by chance. So glad I'm not alone although, I don't have any diagnosis as yet. I have had a feeling for probably about 6 months now of pressure in my throat likened to something too tight around my neck. I have no difficulties in swallowing food or drink. However I feel like I have eaten something that has 'lodged' in my throat but not to the degree of choking just annoying. When I lie down at night in bed it is even more noticeable. I went to my doctors approx 6 weeks ago and he referred me to hospital for ultra sound scan and in meantime took my blood which results came back as normal. I had my ultrasound scan few days ago and was told my thyroid was not enlarged and no other growths noted so she suggested I go back to my doctors for a referral for camera down my throat. That is a where I am at present. I am glad nothing wrong with my Thyroid but still worried if I don't get a diagnosis of some kind that people will think I'm making it all up! My grandad had a goitre-very big as I remember (back in late 60's) so I was thinking maybe that was what it was as I do have 'baggy skin' under my chin. But this seems unlikely now? Just wondered if anyone has had negative results for thyroid probe but had any other kind of diagnosis>

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