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From: reniebug - 5 years 25 weeks ago

I am a 69 year old female. My cardiologist discovered I had Graves' Disease, Hypothyroidism and a goiter about five years ago. He said he could treat me. He took blood tests at first and put me on Propylthiouracil 50 MG tablets to be taken 3 times daily. During the first two and a half years blood tests were taken every 3 months and then no more blood tests. He took me off the medicine. Last week, after being severely depressed for a long time, I tried to commit suicide. I was hospitalized at a psychiatric center for nearly a week. (I was handcuffed and placed in the back seat of a police car to be transported to the psychiatric facility. That was awful! After being released from the psychiatric hospital, I saw my same cardiologist the day before yesterday (for my regular quarterly checkup) and just happened to mention to him if maybe my thyroid was acting up again because I suffered such awful depression, among other things such as dizziness, severe shakiness and anxiety, along with heart palpitations. He immediately had his nurse draw my blood to be tested. Today, his nurse called me saying that the doctor wanted me to go back on the Propylthiouracil immediately. I am scared because I know that hypothyroidism can also cause heart failure and/or coma. I wonder why my doctor has been so lax with treating my Graves' Disease and hypothyroidism. I also have a prominent goiter which the doctor told me the other day that he believed the right side of my thyroid had enlarged from the last time he checked it, which was about a year ago. By the way, I see this cardiologist every 3 months without fail. I am afraid--to say the least!

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You need to see an endocrinologist. Your cardiologist should have referred you! I wonder if you misunderstood your diagnosis? Most people with Graves are hyperthyroid. Rarely, people such as myself ,are diagnosed with Graves and hypothyroidism. Two seperate autoimmune disorders attacking the thyroid.
I am so sorry you were treated as a criminal when you attempted suicide. That is so wrong! I am glad you were not successful. Chin up.