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Goiters and lymph nodes in men, Oh my!

From: nickandcorrie - 6 years 21 weeks ago

Hello everyone! I am in need of some experience info. Lets start here. I am a 37 year old male. Recently I found a lump on my throat and saw my pcp for it. She did a thyroid blood test (came back normal) and a thyroid ultrasound (which didn't). She is sending me to a endocrinologist but the findings are whats confusing. She said I have a thyroid goiter (right side) and enlarged lymph node (right side as well). Everything I find says "in women etc..." but very little can I find except "malignancy more common in men." If you have or had a goiter and swollen lymph node what was the outcome? And are there many males out there with the same problems? Thanks!


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