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frustrated with my thyroid

From: Sue217 - 6 years 46 weeks ago

I went through chemo for lymphoma in 2009 and during a CT scan, a nodule was discovered on my thyroid. It was monitored by ultrasound and bloodwork, and I went from hyper to hypo to normal. The nodule never changed in size, so my endocrinologist lost interest. I am now living in Mexico. A couple of years ago, I noticed that I was quite skinny and that in some photos, one eye appeared larger than the other. Then the eye problem went away and now I have gained about 10-20 lbs. The eye problem is back, and I recently had another ultrasound that showed what my new endocrinologist calls a "multi-nodular goiter." My TSH levels are very low, but my T4 level is relatively normal. My endocrinologist says that most likely I am hyper. Her explanation is that my thyroid is producing enough T3and T4 for my TSH to get shut off, so to speak, and that my one bulging eye and sweaty palms and high heart rate are indicative of hyper. However, my metabolism feels very slow. I am often tired, cannot lose weight, have some constipation, and very frequent heartburn. I am going next week for more specific blood tests. I am so frustrated and feel like a stranger in my body. How can I have such opposing symptoms? I realize I just need to wait for the new blood results, but I wanted to vent and see if anyone has been in a similar situation. As a cancer survivor (whew!! Survivor!!!), I hate not feeling in control of my body.

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Did you try radioactive iodine for the goiter? It took my doctor a few years to realize I had a thyroid problem, but when I lost like 30lbs in a few months and started freaking out thinking I was having heart attacks or something, after the radioactive iodine I went hypo... which was expected, but better than having a goiter, my hair got really thin because of the iodine though