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From: bills11 - 6 years 43 weeks ago

I need Advice. I have a thyroid that is consumed with nodules. The left lobe has a nodule over 2cm; the right lobe has atleast 5-7 smaller nodules and my isthmus has a suspicious nodule over 2cm. The endocrinologist says it looks ugly. I have a lot of hypothyroid symptoms. I am cold to the core. I constantly gain weight even though I don't each much and excerise regularly. My muscles constantly ache. My periods are also heavy. However my thyroid test results are always normal. The doctors just shrug it off and say its all in my head. How do I get them to listen to me.

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I'm not a doctor but i think may be u should find a suitable exercise program for u. Muscles ache? Are u refering to backpain? I hv that too and i'm a person with Hyperthyroidism but recently my thyroid hormones is low. I'm trying to get an answer for that. I did physiotherapy for my backpain that stretching exercises on the bed. And i've done injection treatment with my orthopedic and the ache is getting better. I think both of us need to get a lesson of ways to stop worrying and start living as my doctors sometimes just shrug it off too. Ha! Ha!