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Hello Everyone,

I am a male, age 62 and have had episodes of early awakening over the last 3 decades and am currently in a chronic one. They had been sometimes associated with other psychological conditions; job stress and depression, and went away when those other conditions improved.

Normal sleep pattern would be to wake after 7 or more hours and gradually come to full capacity. A cup of coffee and 20-30 minutes later I feel like I'm ready to go. However, when I have this condition, I awaken after maybe 5 hours but am mentally ready at that moment to take a math test. There is no going back to sleep. I may be tired then in the early evening. At all times I am able to fall asleep easily in the evening.

I read somewhere about Cortisol levels influencing the wake cycle so got those little foam pieces to do a saliva test. Where the Cortisol is supposed to peak after one gets up, mine was peaking about 4 hours after bedtime.

I've tried a number of things; meditation, L-Theanine, GABA supplements,Seriphos (thePhosphorylated Serine variety). There was one magic drug; benzodiazepines. Slept 8 hours and had a wonderful outlook when I woke. However, they stopped working after a week--became acclimated to them. So, that's a big clue.

Another thing I discovered on vacation (while needing to be quiet) is that after an hour-and-a-half or so, I was able to fall back asleep in the morning. Then after waking after a total of 8 hours fractionated sleep, I needed a little time and coffee to get going. It's my guess the peak in Cortisol faded after the early morning.

Anyone have similar experiences and want to share any thoughts or what's worked for you pr other info?

Thank-you for reading

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