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Posted in: General Discussion.

High estrogen AND high testosterone, HELP!

From: noogie - 7 years 38 weeks ago

I am 41 years old and have had various symptoms over the years (palpitations, night sweats, severe acne on and off, etc.). I have never had irregular periods, but had severe periods as a teenager (and severe acne). Just over a year ago after having a meal, my heart went into crazy pounding and racing palpitations and I was hit with extreme fatigue and had to lie down. I actually fell asleep for a few hours even with the severe pounding and racing of my heart! When I woke up my heart was still racing and I was still fatigued so I just went to bed. I did not get out of bed until about 1pm the next day and went straight to a walk-in clinic. They they hooked me up to a heart machine and the results were normal, and they did blood work on hormones, blood sugar, etc. The results came back and my estrogen was over 500! This started a number of appointments to have a heart monitor on for 24 hours and to a reproductive endocrinologist. Ovaries were checked with ultrasound and appeared normal, reproductive hormones were normal (it was the total estrogen that was high). And the follow-up blood work a couple months later the estrogen had come back to normal levels. When it was high, I also had an eczema breakout on the backs of the upper part of both arms and swelling and itching on the backs of my ankles (this has never happened before). I was put on birth control pills to try to regulate the estrogen. That helped with the severe nightsweats, bad headaches, and the extreme pounding palpitations (still have the racing pulse just about every day), and may have helped some of the stomach issues too. I went off of the pills after the prescription ran out and all of my symptoms came back so I went back on the same birth control pills. The last two months I have had severe acne breakouts, the headache came back, nightsweats came back (but not as severe), and I went from a weekend of extreme fatigue and sleeping to barely being able to sleep at all. I had my yearly gyn exam and asked to have hormones, blood sugar, cholesterol checked. Now my estrogen is fine but my testosterone is elevated! My cholesterol is still high and has been for at least a few years (gained all the baby weight back). I have had my thyroid checked before and the results were normal, my blood sugar levels always check out normal though many times I have experienced what has to be crashes from blood sugar issues. I have a lot of nerve pain and nerve issues. At about age 27 within a matter of months I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and had fibromyalgia and a sudden weight gain of about 30 pounds in probably less than 2 months. I looked swollen- like I was on steroids or something! There was no reason for me to get carpal tunnel either. The possibility of an auto-immune disorder was brought up but nothing ever panned out. Now I am also being treated for ADD and am on medication for that, but have to reduce the dosage because of how edgy and crazy I am with the hormone issues. Help! The problems seem to me to be outside of a reproductive issue- that it must be happening somewhere else, but I've never seen anything that describes going from high estrogen to high testosterone. I need to go to an endocrinologist now, but what tests do I need to request and what should I bring with me to make sure I cover all the symptoms and problems I have been having? I am going crazy with all this and it is making life very difficult to deal with. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Is this good advice?

I have high estrogen over 500 and high testosterone over 50 at same time ??? Any help on this one ??

Is this good advice?

I have both high testosterone and high estradiol. I was wondering if you ever figured out what was causing yours?

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