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Posted in: General Discussion.

Transsexual Looking For a Encorinologist

From: MiaRose1983 - 4 years 12 weeks ago

Hi everyone, I'm Mia. I'm a pre-op, MTF transsexual woman, looking for an endocrinologist in within the central area of Pennsylvania. Can't be further west than Pittsburgh, and no further east than Harrisburg. State College, Du Bois, Altoona, and Clearfield would be much better, because it's not much of a drive to get there. I was on HRT a few months ago (for 3 months) when I was still living in Ohio, but I was dropped from Medicaid and had to move back to PA, etc. Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me out and direct me to some local/semi-local endocrinologists, who work with transgender patience? On another note, why isn't gender dysphoria listed as one of the conditions?

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Is this good advice?

I've noticed I made a few spelling errors, sorry. But to be fair, I'm a little bit nervous posting on here.

Is this good advice?

Hi Mia Rose!
I'm sorry I don't have any help or refferences for you, but rather a question for you. Does transitioning, make to female, do the hormones you take interfere with thyroid? Have you had thyroid problems for a while or is it a risk that happens when you transition. I guess my logic is wondering if the hormones mess with thyroid function, and if so was the thyroid function already inhibited in some way. And I even wonder about. How to say it? What is the procedure when doctors shave the Adams Apple? Could that accidentally injure your thyroid? I have hashimotos and had to have mine removed years ago. I had too many tumors to even attempt to biopsy them all and a family history of thyroid cancer. I've had problems for over 10 years. I am a woman, and my thyroid has reeked havoc on my hormone levels. I have been on a million forms of birth control to try to control my periods, my hormones are screwed. I bleed like the opposite of a normal female. One week off the rest of the month on.

I know these questions seem dumb but I'm truly interested. I hope and wish you the best in your transition! And I hope having thyroid problems doesn't stall your process! Oh, and I hope idiot republicans and their racist all kinds of phobic-phobias concerning bathrooms and everything else that is demeaning and hurtful to you as a person, I hope those people drop dead.

Rock on,