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Help muscles behind Eyes are inlarge

From: Emily - 8 years 30 weeks ago

My name is Emily, I have been taking Anti Depressant for years.Can't sleep no matter how many sleeping Pills I take.I can't make a week of work no matter how hard I try.
I have done blood work for Thyroid many times, all way come back OK.Went to Eye Doctor, said My eyes were protruding a little bit. She order a C.T. scan,It came back as the muscles behind my eyes were enlarge.Eye Doctor sent me to my regular Doctor. moor Blood work, came back normal.Now I'm waiting to see a endocrinologist ,over a month to get the appointment.Now my eyes hurt all the time and headache like you wouldn't believe.
Now for the questions. Could this be Graves Disease,if not any ideas what it could be? What will the Doctor do , and what kind of test will he run? If Blood work is alright can this be Thyroid?
Thanks for any help I can get.

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Is it the eye muscles or the eye socket?

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