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Posted in: General Discussion.

adrenal gland nodule

From: good4U - 7 years 34 weeks ago

I am a Sjogren's patient. 1 year ago CT of chest showed "2.3 x 1.3 cm nodule within the left adrenal gland. Endocrine correlation is recommended". None of my doctors that received this report mentioned this. A year later, current CT of chest showed "a benign left adrenal nodule 1.8 cm". Again, none of my dr.'s have mentioned this. Now that I have been reading about the adrenal function, I realize that many small symptoms may be related. Sever fatigue. Daily headaches. Last year I was having severe pain that I thought was rib pain @ was attributed to a "cracked rib from coughing". Now I am wondering if this was "flank pain"? Also, increased anxiety, darkened skin & slow healing, easy bruising & purple marks. Facial flushing. Severe bouts of itching, when scratched causes bruising. So many little things that all together may be related. Not sure if I should just ignore, or seek out an Endocrinologist. Also, know from tests over 25 years ago that I produce High Cortisol. Any suggestions?

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