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Posted in: General Discussion.

Fit in another kind of catagory with Diabetes

From: lallen - 11 years 25 weeks ago

In January of this year, I had my pancreas removed and my islet cell transplanted into my liver. I heard that this is new to my area, Charleston,SC, and one of the many success stories here.
But I don't fit into any of the common categories for my diabetes. I am considered in the "other" categories. I started out when I got home with 1 injection of 3 units in the morning with checking blood sugars 4 times a day. I have "graduated" to no insulin injections and checking sugars 2 times a day with very good results. But still have to watch my sweet intake.
I got in contact with someone who had the same operation as I did and she had her surgery 13 years ago. Have to take enzymes withe meals for the rest of my life.
Anyone else in this situation? Love to hear from you.

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