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Posted in: General Discussion.

pins and needles / ear ach / stuff

From: annarose - 8 years 38 weeks ago


please does any one know what this is:

since spring 2007 the following have been present to greater or lesser degrees:
pins and needles all over when warm or hot
cold '' pins and needles'' when warm and sometimes when cold
right ear ach
head ach
sensativity to light - eyes
every thing seaming heavy
when taking a deep or medium breath pins and needles in the hands and feet
right side of the neck hurts
right arm hurts especily at the top
chest pains in the middle and side
twitchy muscles
blood in the snot - when blow nose
needing the loo fast

the doctor has done a few tests but has not said any thing conclusive not even offering an explanation as to what it could be - these tests were done when it was cold :
c spine MRI
nerve test thing
nee jerk thing
ear examination - aparently nothing wrong
blood tests - inconclusive
I do have raynauds, artheritis in the right wrist and slight scoliosis but these do not account for the problem or problems as they were there befor this started to happen - the whole of the winter befor this happened I had flue. it is not migrains - I used to get them.

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