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Posted in: General Discussion.

Adrenal Gland

From: Annie - 11 years 46 weeks ago

My husband went to the ER the othe night with incredible pain in his stomach. I actually begged for some type of scan and the Dr actually gave him a CT and found a mass on his right adrenal gland. My husband has been anxious, depressed, sweating all the time, pain in upper abdomin.

Has anyone else ever had this problem and had all of these symptoms as well?
Went to our Doctor first and he said hubby was just depressed. Come on!! Didn't even do any tests

Thanking you in advance

Annie (

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Sorry to hear he isn't feeling great. I suggest that you do a little research on the internet (which you probably are already doing if you found this site) and you will find that the adrenal system is an incredibly important system that affects so much of how we feel physically and emotionally. Problems with the adrenal system absolutely cause depression as well as body aches (kind of like fibro myalgia, but NOT), and a poorly functioning adrenal system can seriously affect the body's immune system.

I have Addison's disease, which means that my adrenal glands are, as I like to call it, "dead in the water." High dose steroids admistered to me during chemo are blamed for killing them, but after I learned the role the adrenal glands play in our immune systems, I realized that maybe the cancer was able to get a hold of me BECAUSE my adrenals already weren't functioning-- not the other way around.

I had a history of depression, body aches, and fatigue--even pre-cancer diagnosis. I never used to perspire, and now it literally runs off my head when I get up for too long. Sounds a bit like what your husband is experiencing, according to your posting.

Keep up the good work, and keep advocating for your husband. Go in to your doctors' appointments armed with written down questions and room to write down the doctor's answers. If you don't think your specialist is paying attention, then get another one. I'm still trying to find someone who will help me manage this disease. I've been VERY unhappy with the endocrinologists I have been referred to so far. They just shoved a bottle of hydrocortisone at me, and when I complained that I didn't think I was getting enough because of how lousy I was still feeling, not one but TWO endocrinoligst basically told me to "buck up." My oncologist was actually the most help. She said that Addisons is very very rare (adrenal tumors are more common) and that many endocrinoligsts just aren't as familiar with dealing with adrenal related illnesses. But I think the problem is that when one of the symptoms is depression, the doctors stop thinking and go right to Zoloft or another antidepressant. By the way, my cancer was not detected until it was almost too late because the docs I saw only saw a depressed, exhausted woman. They told me to lose weight, get more exercise, and take an andidepressant. The pain I was in was, apparently, because of lack of exercise. See? As soon as I said I felt depressed, they stopped thinking physiological and started thinking psychological.

Go with your gut, tell your husband not to trust the doctors "just because they are nice," and to be in charge of his own body and illness. Research shows that patients who advocate for themselves have more positive recoveries. Best wishes,