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thyroid replacement tx, and high cholesterol

From: debbie1 - 11 years 49 weeks ago

My husband's thyroid was removed last year, due to CA. He has been on hormone replacement and has been feeling well. We think the dosage is just right. He has had mild high blood pressure previous and on the lowest dose of Metropolol.

Last year, his cholesterol tests were fine, as was his fasting glucose (before all the tyroid stuff happened). Now his total chol is 220 (up from 190), and fasting glucose is slightly evelvated (113). He has a family history of DM II and HTN, and high cholesterol. BP has been higher for the last 6 months as well.

My questions is: is there a link between the thyroid removal and this sort of sudden onset of elevated cholesterol (LDL is up and trig is up as well). The doc is only monitoring TSH and T4; which are both fine. Would any other thyroid tests reveal anything?? Or is this just the normal progression of a genetic predisposition (he is not overweight, and exercises routinely).

Thank you for any ideas!!

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