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Multiple growths, tumors, nodules

From: angio1234 - 11 years 13 weeks ago

I have a confusing bunch of things growing in various places.

1. thyroid nodules
2. rt. renal angiomyolipomas
3. left adrenal adenoma
4. treated breast cancer
5. liver cysts
6. large uterine fibroids
7. many many subcutaneous lumps, probably lipomas of some type, but some are not.
8. my palms and soles are bright red (palmar erythema)
9. solitary pulmonary nodule
10. spontaneous lung collape( pneumothorax )
11. ring of skin tags around my neck, several on my eyelids and under arm
12. history of epithelial cysts
13. multiple colon polyps removed
14. pre diabetes
The doctors I've encountered so far seem to look at each odd growth as a separate entity, not connected
My symptoms that I 'm ready to bto a syndrome or anything. They've basically blown me off as the typical post menopausal woman with too much time on her hands.

the symptoms I hope anyone can fix are
1. chronic diarrhea for 3 years, and profuse sweating that drenches at night, day, anytime anyplace no matter if it's below freezing out. I also have a dull chronic ache on my back in the ruq. It never changes.
So what I'm wondering is if anyone can point me in a direction, like what kind of doctor might be able to put all these weird growths together and come up with a solution. if you're up for a challenge I'm sure ready to hear any logical ideas. Thanks

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I would see a endocrinologist regarding these issues and I would also recommend that you go to a Major Medical Center for the workup Linda H

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Feel really bad for you, but you're brave to have gone through these. Much work is still needed along with lifestyle management.

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i was wondering if you had seen an endocrinologist yet? linda h

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I was wondering if you had seen an endocrinologist yet?

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You seem to have many symptoms pointing to mine (some do not) and I have been diagnosed with a parathyroid tumor. Have you considered researching Dr. James Norman's website and reading what he might have to say?