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Posted in: General Discussion.

Unsure what to think

From: EternallyAngela - 9 years 8 weeks ago

About 8 weeks ago,I went to see my doc because of some strange fluid leaking from my breasts. I was told this was probably called Galactorrhea and caused from a Pituitary Tumor. After having an MRI (or was it a CAT?) I was diagnosed as having a Pituitary Tumor. After several blood tests, I was told my Prolactin level is normal (8.2), however, my ACTH is slightly low at 5 and my DHEA is elevated at 322 (max norm is 270). The Endo I am currently seeing has told me the tumor is "idiosynchratic" and the elevated hormones have nothing to do with the fact the tumor was found. I've been on Bromocriptyne treatment for about 7 weeks. The mg was raised from 1/2 tab to a full tab 5 days ago, the reason, I was told, was because the leaking from my breasts hadn't stopped. My question is, where do I turn next? I've read all I can on adrenal function and I'm concerned about cancer, yet my doc doesn't want to see me again for another 4 weeks. Should I push for x-rays? Any advice or info would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Is this good advice?

Have you gone to a neurologist? Are you being seen at a major medical center? If not I would suggest these actions. linda H

Is this good advice?

No, I have not been seen by a neurologist, nor a major medical center. Thank you for the advice.

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