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Posted in: General Discussion.


From: diver409 - 9 years 27 weeks ago

Hi , im new my name is James. I would like to ask some advice. First off ive never been sick and didnt even have a Dr till recently , hence my dilema.
I presented to the er recently with symptoms of left side abdominal pain , pain with eating, and feeling like the food would not go down, and pain and weakness in my joints. They took four tubes of blood, and performed a ct scan of my abdomen. After a wait in an er room a dr came back and told me i had a tumor on my adrenal gland, and a cyst on my kidney. Since i had no dr , he called one and got me an appt. When i went to the new dr , the first thing they wanted was my 20 dollar co-pay. after that i filled out paperwork , name address , sex , and ins repeatedly. As i met the dr he asked why i was there , i told him pain in my side and thought he knew because the phone call. he then was like oh yeah , when was that . i told him the day previous , and he remarked seemed alot longer. I told him that they found a tumor and cyst on a ct scan, his response was , eh we arent going to worry about them , ill do a follow up ct in 3 months. At which point my jaw hit the floor and my eyes went wide. i said the er dr sent me to you so i could get a ct with contrast. he responded even if it is a bad tumor they are so slow growing that we wouldnt see changes for that long anyway. I responded well id like to know if its cancer or not . he then said well if it is cancer the only treatment is surgery anyway. I responded that was my hope if it was. I became pretty adament about getting the ct scan at which point he reluctantly wrote some things down and said he would have his receptionist make an appt , which i still havent got and that was 2 days ago. he also said he was going to order a gi scope. he gave me a paper to get some bloodtests , but from looking at site it has nothing to do with adrenal hormones , its a psa and a ck and some h pylori, what i would like to know is should i be seeking more agressive treatment , or a new dr. i would think if it is cancer , waiting is the worst thing i could do, any info or help appreciated , thank you.

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